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To Whom it May Concern

To Whom it May Concern

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3 x 3 ft

Oil, spray paint, cut wood, colored pencil, and oil pastel on wood board

This is the first piece I came up with in the series. It’s reflective of the first time that I legitimately prayed for the health of my mother. Honestly, it was more of an ultimatum for God, a conversation. I said “if you are fucking real, then prove yourself and save my mother.” My mother believes so deeply in this ominous God, and I am so frustrated by the idea of it. I had never prayed before that day. I made a promise to God, and I said “if you save my mom, then I swear I will be your most devout follower.” My mother is one of the best people out there. She is the person who deserves a whole life. The entire thing is fucked up. 

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